Well its interesting to read Mr Archers comments ,clearly he is trying to gradually improve the results of gpl.It is however very slow progress .Since he mentioned that he tracks other silver miners I thought it might be instructive to look at sil(silver miners etf) versus gpl.When gpl was peaking in March/April 2011 and this bulletin board was wildy bullish with mutltiple notes and hundreds of readers looking at each post ,gpl had outperformed sil by 3-4 times .now the performance of sil versus gpl over the last 5 years they have been very similar .If you look at the daily/1 year technicals sil and gpl performed the same until the second week of september when from then until now there has been relentless selling of gpl and gpl has underperformed the silver miners etf in the last two months by 30%. So Mr market somehow determined that gpl was having problems and sold the stock relative to SIL which presumably trades closer to the price of silver..Further looking at the technicals over the last few months gpl has completed a classic head and shoulders pattern .Some of the shorter term technicals like macd are indicating it might be a time to buy for the brave .rsi is also very oversold.My comment on the loss of 1 trillion dollars plus in us stock market value since the election is accurate .In my opinion if it looks like a duck and smells like a duck ,then its a duck.There was a major bear attack on gold/silver stocks this week as compared to the metals which held up fairly well.arh