Obama nothing to do with it I disagree when Obama was elected 4 years ago the markets were up with the commodities flying in 2009 it's wall street being a bunch of babies wanting Romney is office the markets were inflated with stimulus recycling itself..If you look at the markets Democratic years are better years than Republican years..GPR is still viable their mistake was doing a financing at the time silver was high..Juniors having a hard time this year .. That can change though once the US fiscal Cliff is decided markets will give a lift no doubt FEDS will continue the Q3 easing for at least another few years.. EU has to do something or they are the ones going over cliff...China change of hands will make a difference for the China trades of commodities have no doubt will be fine...GPR has the potential they just need better silver pricing and stop burning through cash and at least lower their costs.. Topia and Guanto have the potential.. JMHO