I have not graphed out panther versus other silver miners but I do follow first majestic ,it has doubled in the time period that panther has more than halved .They have been slowly but surely burning through the money that they raised 18 months ago .Its a good job that deal never went through or they would be in finanical trouble .At least they have the cash to carry them through until silver prices start rising again which should be soon .I really have come to the conclusion its not a good surrogate for silver  .I think I will just stick to SIL .Good job I have been doing covered calls to reduce my net cost per share .Most people I think will have lost money on this stock who follow this bb .Disappointing in the presence of a bull market but these small stocks are always difficult to make money on .Since the election of Obama the net worth of the us stock market is down over a trillion dollars .arh