As noted repeatedly ,gpl is trading with silver ,I think that perhaps the correction in silver which trades inversely with the us dollar which is currently going up probably has a few more weeks to run .On the 1 year daily macd it is close to crossing(ie a buy),rsi is not quite oversold .resistance is 1.72 .i really dont think the quarterly report will contain any major surprises in a positive direction .There is not likely any major drilling news which would cause an upside run .Any attempt to spend most of thier cash reserves on another mine I think would be a big mistake and produce a reaction to the downside .So it wouldnt surprise me if it doesnt go down to the 1.65-1.72 level where it should be a buy .Basically we just have to sit and wait for the dollar to start falling again and silver to rise .All commodities are under pressure right now due to a strengthening in the dollar .As I noted some time ago I just periodically sell some calls against my gpl position ,its like a little dividend .The stock is now 18 months past its high in late march 2011 ,I am personally by no means convinced that gpl is going to perform any better than a bunch of other silver stocks .Its quite startling to see the difference in stockhouse current bb activity  ,compared to the gpl/tulip mania in march 2011  .all those posters seem to have totally disappeared .so we will see what happens .In the interests of disclosure I still own a substantial position in gpl  .If it does go down to 1.70 or so I might buy some more .arh