I dont expect any great surprises ,production for the 3rd quarter in silver equivalent ounces has already been reported(up 22%),however the price of silver has declined .the last quarter was not profitable .If one goes back and looks at the second quarter results thier cashburn rate for the first 6 months of the year was about 4.5million per quarter ,they have gone through about 9 million this year in the first 6 months .In addition they have spent money acquiring the el horcon project (not sure how much)and surface rights for one of thier other projects so again the critical number to look at will be thier cash in the bank number .The trading in this stock is very much determined by the price of silver which is currently going down and in a correction for a few weeks and this is likely to continue for at least a few more weeks.So I dont really see much of anything happening to the stock price until silver picks up again perhaps early in the new year .Probably will be some cheap shares available in the latter part of december due to tax loss selling .Unless of course something unexpected happens it looks like it will be stuck in a trading range for a while .If one looks at the technicals it is getting closer to a buy .arh