I  agree   strong supoort at 3.60  to  3.75. i think the next leg  will  be to  4.50. I think   the Ng  volatility  will be helped by  puts and calls.  These guys can make money  on hedging  and the volatility augers well    in their favour  .  Im  looking for a move  to  close to 5 dollars   as earnings approach  .  Ng is looking strong.  HYD  looks interesting too.     Rumour is big contracts r imminent  in  the Ukraine,   Russia,  Saudi Arabia and India.  The CEO   has been out of the country  for the last 3 weeks straight.     GO  and  HYD   and  NVA  are the best   deep value plays in NG space.  CMT  is a dark horse.  Debt there is too high but if  NG  hits   5.50  its a good play too .  GLTA!!!