Down  on piddly  volume    .  If  there were a million shares traded  I'd be concermed.    But  the volume the last 2 days  has beem a joke.   Big players know that  GO  is selling   gas  for alot more than  3.35.  A few retail investors  are    getting nervous  about the   low  spot price for NG   not knowing  about  hedged production.    Farmers Almanac   says   balmy  fall and then  winter will hit like a brick.  The  forecast is for EXTREME  bitter cold    in the  densely populated  North eastern  states.  Theonly  spot  for continental USA where  warmer winter weather is forecast    is in the scrarcely pupulated  Great Plains  states.   In addition   EIA   inventores were about 20  %  above the  5 year average  heading  into drawdown season,   kast  year. The surplus is alot less  this  year but no one is mentioning that!!!