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CGI Group Inc T.GIB.A

Sector: Technology | Sub-Sector: Information Technology Services
Alternate Symbol(s): GIB

CGI Group, Inc., provides IT and business consulting services, including business transformation, IT strategic planning, business process engineering and systems architecture.
Price: $36.33 | Change: +$0.16 | % Change: +0.44%
Volume: 517,883 | Day High/Low: 36.565/35.92 | 52 Week High/Low: 41.47/26.07

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Short interest down!!

I noticed with surprise that the short Position dropped to 20 mill. at end of March. First time in at least nine years that GIB.A dropped out of the top 20 most shorted stocks. Back then stock was $7...read more
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Screaming buy inspite of..

CGI Group’s ‘screaming buy’ allure Add to ... TIM SHUFELT - INVESTMENT REPORTER The Globe and Mail Published Thursday, Apr. 10 2014, 7:16 PM EDT Last updated...read more
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Descending Triangle...

chart is down...price is likely to trend down in the short term....might hit that $31.00 support yet....time will tell...Donville loves the stock but he also owns a huge position in the stock so he...read more
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RE:Bugroach Theory

Obama scapegoat....when the blame blongs with OBozo.  rate and reply
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Jason Donville has

a very large postion in his funds...feels its cheap her and growing at 20% or so.....buy and hold for the year...BB28  rate and reply
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Bugroach Theory

when you find one there are ususally a few more...either directly or indirectly...Obamacare issue and now some collateral damage.....BB28  rate and reply
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Massachusetts cuts ties

CGI Group (GIB.A-TSX; GIB-NYSE) Stock Rating: Outperform Stock Price: $34.16 Target Price: $40.00 March 17, 2014 Information Technology Thanos Moschopoulos, CFA (416) 359-5428 BMO...read more
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RE:RE:RE:RE:Morningstar puts fair value at $31.00

Banker boy your opinions on volatility for sure with CGI is present,( you need antacid if you watch daily highs and lows) but for fun I called BNN and got opinion from John Zechner And he had a valid...read more
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RE:RE:RE:Morningstar puts fair value at $31.00

That just makes Morningstar wrong for today......a 3 year contract with a Dutch Pension Plan will tend to move the the stock up on news....it may settle back down or continue on up...thats what makes...read more
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RE:RE:Morningstar puts fair value at $31.00

Feb 11th Last trade $34.18 CAD Feb 11, 2014 11:44AM ET which makes Morningstar wrong GLTA  rate and reply
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RE:Morningstar puts fair value at $31.00

Looking real healthy here today, looks like my dream of 30.00 may end up being just that.  Good company strong growth prospects good long term hold at current prices.  I am going to wait, I may not...read more
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Morningstar puts fair value at $31.00

they say buy at $21.40 and sell at $41.85....wiht the problem with US government website for healthcare...they figure that will lead to CGI losing future US contracts from the government...not good...read more
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RE:RE:No Buying Interest

the way its trading today....you may get you wish to buy at $30 sooner than you think....investors are selling into the Yellen meeting tomorrow in case she says something that causes the markets to...read more
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RE:No Buying Interest

I would be more interested in the stock at or under $30.  Cheers Matthew  rate and reply
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No Buying Interest

looks like nobody wants this one right now...especially if the market continues to correct in the first half of the year as predicted....time will tell..BB28  rate and reply
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Price Stalled

with the last few days of positive momentum in the markets....GIB.A has gone nowhere....I have to now agree that  its gonna stay flat and could likely go back to $30....it would be a great buy at that...read more
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RE:RE:RE:Jason Donville on BNN

You are right Bankerboy28 the stock does not have to go to an RSI of 30, I only mention that because most technical analysis considers RSI values under 30 as an oversold indicator. I agree with two...read more
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RE:RE:Jason Donville on BNN

It could go a little lower...but its pretty close to bottom here....it does not have to get to 30 RSI...it could move up tomorrow or in a couple of days and be back over $35 in no time....the big...read more
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RE:Jason Donville on BNN

I agree Jasosn Donville is one of the better stock pickers out there, however, I disagree with the stock currently being oversold.  Oversold condition is an RSI under 30.  Don't get me wrong I like...read more
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Jason Donville on BNN

in early January 2014 saying CGI is very strong company...great cash flow and his 2nd largest position....he knows how to pick winners...shorts will have to cover  as they get more nervous and then...read more