I have been a strong supporter of Gamehost since 2006, while it was barely averaging 400 shares per day of volume, trading near $18 (pre-split) on the venture exchange.  Of all the investment ideas and opportunities that I had combed over, Gamehost always remained at or near the top of the list.  For patient investors, this trust/stock has been a massive wealth creator, not just in terms of appreciation but also in the form of income paid to shareholders.  Today, Gamehost remains a hidden Canadian success story that isn't told often enough. 

Regarding a proper valuation you would use an Enterprise Value to EBITDA ratio.  Currently, the company is one of the highest valued gaming companies because the market recognizes the consistency of its earnings, margins, management and monopolies.

I remain an enthusiastic supporter of Gamehost Inc as a business and as a wealth creator for Canadian families.

Valuation is arbitrary.  $12 to $13 as a range is full value for now in current market conditions.  As the Kasking will tell you, eat your breakfast and collect your monthly dividends.  Nobody is here to shoot the lights out.