Well, it was more accurately 103.2% after factoring in the growing profit attributed to the minority owner of the Deerfoot. 

The payout ratio is a critical yardstick used by diligent dividend investors.

That said, a dividend payout ratio does not take into consideration accelerated debt repayment nor capital used to purchase and cancel shares.  Adjustments to the management of the company's free cash flow will not lower the payout ratio, as you suggested, and there is no evidence that the company could reduce their payout ratio to 75% without dropping the annual dividend to approximately $0.68 from $0.88.  To reduce the current payout ratio, Gamehost will have to either grow revenue or reduce its dividend.  Judging from management's history of making shareholder friendly business decisions, they are and will be targeting growth of revenue.


*I'm curious who would rate your post a 5/5 considering that it contains no factual information.  Are you by chance ghost rating your own posts, Grandpa?  Tisk, tisk old chap.  Must be old habit after the accounting professor allowed for you to mark your own exams.