Just wondering if they mentioned anything about the mine plan to move this project forward into profitability from the comments on this forum there is not alot to indicate what information has come to light about events leading up to the throwing shareholders under a bus.

Do we have the permit? If not what status is it in and why have we not received it yet?

How much rock have they processed onto the new pad have they done a rinse out after the fixed boiler etc

lastly I think us shareholders needs to call a conference call hopefully with the institutions ASAP to take some preventative action on this we need to act fast before we lose this asset. Watertown are experts in this so we need so qualified legal help. Do not place any reliance on the regulatorss and exchanges saving the day. I have a conference bridge we can all use

this is a set up IMHO. No skin in the game and can't even be bothered to be on site what a scam