Red. You have touched on the answer. We just have to do our job now. If we do not we have no one to blame but ourselves. These types of people will always be there as the system tries but just cannot get rid of them. Jim O' Neil has said there would not be any further shareholder dilution this year. He also said that they were waiting for Nevada Licence approval in his December press release which the Nevada official said was granted early November(potential falsification of a public press release by a public TSX listed company) . The press release was approved by the Gryphon directors. The email on him not spending enough time at the offices was denied and then admitted to.

It was also mentionned that the discussions with Waterton had been ongoing about restructuring debt since the summer of 2012 but never until the last minute was a sale of 60% of Borealis considered( Look at the documentation-it did not happen overnight). They reviewed other alternatives but we find out they did not even consider them. Mr O'Neil also did not even talk to Acumen at the very beginning of all of this and they were, least to say, upset. Mr O' Neil was given a chance by a lot of these same people and IMO sold us out. The question is why.

He and Mr Kaiser are CPA's and professionally trained so it is not a case of " Gosh I did not think of that". The boiler failure is a red herring IMO and a technical report will reveal why this supposedly happened. A claim under the insurance policy will clarify that.

And if they were so strapped for cash so they had trouble with the reclamation deposit why did they increase the CEO's compensation and buy all the extra equipment including the "Cat" equipment which Waterton would have had to approve. I could go on and on but the lawyers will take care of that.

Let's just clean this up, stop the bleeding and feeding the parasites and do our job.