GGN shareholders can't even get updated pictures of the minesite let alone any sort of detailed corporate presentation and/or outlook for the past year or more.  Why?  These guys have been spending money 'expanding capacity' for the past year yet production still below 3000 oz per quarter due to 'construction interruptions' decisions by GGN mgmt.  Still trying to figure out why building a new pad disturbs processing and stacking ore for an existing pad but I digress.  'Construction interruptions' what have yet to yield any result production-wise while debt obligations quickly come due and we are 'forced' to give up a majority 60% interest in the entire property.  Share price slowly being sold off in the face of minimal detail and updates released publicly.  It all stinks IMO and I will be looking forward to hearing definitive plans for share holders to benefit from this plan on today's call.  From where I sit sharehlders have lost trememdously under this regime.  I also would like to hear them rationalize how $5.6M due in July gives us ANY financial flexibility and does not set up shareholders to lose another significant portion of this property come June-July.  JMHO.