DD I bought my first stock in late 08 so I am pretty green to investing still.  My first stock was buying ACTC at .02 and .04. Once I thought Obama was going to get elected I thought stem cell stocks would take off. I rode ACTC to over.20 in a few short months.  I had no idea at the time how fortunate I was to hit a homerun the first time out, but more importantly to have almost perfect timing in buying the stock.  Those profits I rolled into ASH(the makers of Valvoline), but like an idiot I sold in March 09 for $6.85 for a couple hundred dollar gain, if I had held until today I would be making in dividends almost what my original investment equaled. Later that year I owned a few million shares of PCFG at an average of .0025 and sold it after a few months, a few years later it could have been a 40x bagger, if I still owned it and sold at the .08 high. My funds have always been limited due to needing most of my liquidity to win a custody battle for my daughter, which I was successful at.

My point?

I have learned that I really am above average at picking stocks, below average at trading stocks, and blind at timing stocks.

I have paid dearly for overinvesting here at a terrible entry price, and having to slowly average down.  The only thing that would make this a true tragedy though is if it became another ASH or PCFG in my trading history some time down the road.  There will be no middle option here(unless a half ashed buy out happens), this will go BK or BONANZA, I'm still betting on BONANZA.  Let the fools sell, let this become thier "big fish" story....the one that got away.  I have had my big fish stories but GYPH will not be one that gets away from me. GLTA