On the 15th it was stated the construction projects that caused the interruptions were being wrapped up.  Fluid flow will be increased on or before the 15th of Dec when permit is received.  Fluid flow is expected to begin on expanded pad by end of November.  All equipment (crusher etc.) will be installed or at least on site before EOY.  Pretty sure most of this has already been paid for.  All of these activities are/will increase production significantly.  My point?  Things are coming together and, going forward, the numbers should start to reflect that reality. 

On anaother note... Pure speculation on my part but... Why bother to construct/complete an assay lab in December if you don't plan to use it?  Maybe exploration drilling (finally!) will start here sooner than many believe?  They have already drilled/defined more than enough to justify mone plan for 3-4 years... the next step os exploration.   

"Equipment is beginning to arrive on site for our lab facility. This facility is also expected to be operational by year-end and will provide us with a fully functional analytical lab, allowing us to prepare on-site testing of ore samples within 24 hours."

It's going to get better IMO.