probably the latter what else is new fruit fruit fruit the issue is your constant lying whining crying then pumping along with doubting questions in the hundreds over time yet you never join the conference call have never and will never because you have an agenda and you deceive the lurkers here tho that is not many now then you change id to defend yourself.pathetic fruit pathetic the market has spoken about your worthless banter


Bullspit you were sent in to lend help to the liar fruit he is discredited here and has never asked a q on any conference call yet has a million questions here altho he never sells and rides his investment down where he 8needs 300 plus up to even out BULLC*AP


fruit you selling before the call why would you do that when you have not asked your question fruits question highlighted in yellow.


fruit be nice and clear and ask away so we all get the answer rest assured i will be listening for you to confront  o neil im excited are you.please board members if you are on the call listen intently to fruit question and the answer from head honcho what fun as we see what the poster that is positive negative positive negative who rides his investment down from the highs to the lows yet never sells finally gets an answer to his bullboard b *itching

"Ok... There was a prospectus filed on Oct 24th for about 18M shares represented by warrants issued previously. There are many references to 'selling security holders' in this prospectus which would make one believe this is a secondary offering for the shares represented by these warrants. 15M of these warrants/shares are held by Waterton. About 3M of the remaining shares/warrants are owned by numerous other accredited investors who participated in a GGN placement in January 2011. These 3M warrants expire in January 2013 and have an exercise price of 30 cents.QUESTION: Why issue a new procpectus for warrants/shares that were the subject of a previous prospectus in Jan 2011 and are set to expire in 2 months? Is this a secondary offering prospectus and there will be an offer to 'selling security holders' to buy these 18M shares/warrants? Quiet in here for sure


uit with that exact question so ask away fruit

11/13/2012 9:20:07 PM  |  | 76 reads  | Post #31773930

Red. I intend to ask Mr. O'neil Thursday what this is all about. Speculating about it is useless


Then this another lie when i have time i will dig up the hundreds told by this id and his aliases


RE: RE: RE: RE: results
11/15/2012 8:47:41 AM  |  | 62 reads  | Post #31780668

"ADR facility: The Company continued to pour and ship gold from its Adsorption Desorption Recovery (the "ADR") facility on a weekly basis."

We just had an operations update-no indication that there were problems and production was down. Add that to the questions for Mr O'Neil.


Why does the fruit continue to mislead the thread intentional or not why has he never asked 1 single question on the company conference calls.why does fruit not sell when he is so unhappy with his investment that has lost 75 percent and more for him could he be institution or broker mm ir hack what is he other than plain stupid

 fruit you are an emb arASS ment to the community and have no shame that is why you will never leave the poor souls you have bankrupted with your lies alone.souless  psychopaths will never have a conscience