Good eyes Kiwi3.  Did not notice that.  Another great question for CC.  He was an insider for about 1 year, since Sep 2011.  Funny I don't remember 1 exploration hole being drilled in that time period.  He didn't get any options in the latest issuance so the writing was on the wall I guess.

According to (below) appears he ceased to be insider as of Oct 15th.  Coincidentially the same day they released:

Additional efforts to improve operational efficiency

  • Laboratory facility: Equipment has been ordered to develop a fully functional analytical laboratory, which will allow the company to prepare on-site testing of ore samples within a 24-hour period. The facility is expected to be operational by year-end.

Which is presumably because they will be doing a lot of drilling.

What is going on here?  Talk about skeleton crew. 

Former Jipangu executives are GGNs CEO/CFO and COO.  Coincidence?  If not, get on with it. 


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Individual information

Family name Jones
Given names (in full) Steven K
Municipality (city, town, etc.) Carson City
Province, territory or state Nevada
Country United States

Issuer information

Issuer number 00022554
Issuer name Gryphon Gold Corporation
Insider's relationship to issuer
Senior Officer of Issuer
Date the insider became an insider of this issuer 2011-09-08
Opening balance date  
Date the insider ceased being an insider of this issuer 2012-10-15