Ok... There was a prospectus filed on Oct 24th for about 18M shares represented by warrants issued previously. There are many references to 'selling security holders' in this prospectus which would make one believe this is a secondary offering for the shares represented by these warrants. 15M of these warrants/shares are held by Waterton. About 3M of the remaining shares/warrants are owned by numerous other accredited investors who participated in a GGN placement in January 2011. These 3M warrants expire in January 2013 and have an exercise price of 30 cents. Question: Why issue a new procpectus for warrants/shares that were the subject of a previous prospectus in Jan 2011 and are set to expire in 2 months? Is this a secondary offering prospectus and there will be an offer to 'selling security holders' to buy these 18M shares/warrants? Quiet in here for sure.>