Now you are using the three year gold chart to show that GCM is only falling despite gold is rising?

Who needs to pay attention to positive developments in the last months in companies? Or to a sSignificantly changed behaviour of the share price?

Who needs to differentiate between shrinking margins with a rising POG or expanding margins with a shrinking POG?

But it's really not my problem, if you don't understand the difference, why the SP of GCM has fallen in the past years despite a rising POG and why it is under pressure now with gold way below 1700.

But i also want to thank you:

I thank you that you have shown to everybody now, that you are happy, if you believe others have losses!

That's even more interesting, since you claimed to be not against the longs in GCM and long yourself. So i guess now really everyone can see, what kind of "character" you are.

But it fits: you claimed to no longer answer anybody and your own word didn't last for more than a few minutes!

You are a man whose word has absolutely no credibility. But i guess this is nothing what a splineless slimey is worried about anyway...