one thing you forgot Unfortun8 is that GCM is a 2nd tier gold producer with an exploration property. Its share price and profitability is very volatile and reacts much more with gold price movements. Schill is righ that a gold drop of 100 bucks can make a big diff to a high cost producer like GCM (they are high cost right now but once their production picks up, this will drive cost down). Anyways, I would agree that a part of the big move down is a combination of gold price going down and mismangement by the company. But one other factor that I mentioned before is that there is a hedge fund that is liquidating their position right now. They have both the shares and warrants...and since the warrant volumes has been heavier than the shares...I think they have completed or soon to be finished liquidating the warrants. The low volume today will attest to that and if no last minute dumping happens today in the warrants, this could mean the sell pressure is over. Still a huge lineup to buy at 0.005 cents. Dont know if they are done selling the shares, but based on todays move, I dont think its finished.