I sense that for too long the company has over promised and under delivered which if you look at the 3 year chart then you will see how decimated the share price has become....Colombia has become in my opinion fairly unattractive jurisdiction for mining (far too many companies paying too much and waiting for permits that take way too long and a taxation system that in my opinion is structured more for a banana republic than a civilized 3rd world country)....just to point out that this is the biggest producer in Colombia at 0.265 cents....how can you use words like gold,production,number one producer, 0.265 cent in one sentence?...many people had hoped that this would have been the company that would make Colombia look good as a destination for mining,business and overall for making Colombia's reputation for better....so if you add all this the fatigue sets in ....i believe the only way this can bring confidence back is for the insiders to buy (and i don't mean one person but rather most of them) and increase the production along with lowering cost....then you might have people looking at it again....the only good thing is that the IR is formerly from nortel which means he has experience with declining share price so we can take comfort knowing that he knows how to handle unhappy investors......this is all my own opinion and i urge you all to do your own due diligence as have been wrong on many occasions and i could easily be wrong this time as well