so some keep repeating that kind of rhetoric to make themself feel warm and cozy inside....understanding the negatives and weighting all the positives will always give a better direction to investing and in life to go as far as to call me a basher or that i write on boards for a living is an absolute fantasy and not true....what would anyone call a share price that has come down all the way from the 2.30's to 0.27? i call it collapsed and decimated...what should i say? maybe i should say something like: the share price is in a period of correction?.....fundamentals HAVE imroved however at a very slow pace and much less than what the company had mentioned which i believe they were expecting to produce upward of 155,000 ounces and then revised and revised again and then it came lower than that as well....I am a strong believer that people who generally post on message boards are losers (I am aware that i am one of those) with ver little number of shares....anyone with significant capital would be by the beach sipping on margaritas and waiting (in this case a loooooong time) for their investments to mature but the "losers" will always be on the computer trying to understand what is going right or wrong with their $1800 let us all save each other some time and bring what we know to the message board so we can enhance each others due diligence so maybe one day we can make enough money to sip on margaritas on the beach as well.....also  the reason i put a disclaimer is because i am not a professional analys but rather google surfer.......this is all my own opinion and i urge you all to do your own due diligence as i have been wrong on many occasions and i could easily be wrong this time as well