Your whole reply is nothing but a strawman, because the reasons why GCM's valuation went down, was because their margins were awful and their debt was growing, while the management by far could not fullfill what it had promised.

And that you operate with the collapsed shareprice also shows nothing but a basher's intention, because clever money is not sad about low prices, clever money buys. Clever money is not living in the past and repeating always the same old phrases from the past, but clever money looks at the changes and what changes can be expected.

Therefore ofcourse you're a basher, because you repeat over and over again all the old phrases like a broken record, while you ignore the positive aspects happening recently and now or you try to put them into a negative perspective.

Since you recognized that your former kind of bashing was too obvious, you have begun to use phrases like "fundamentally it would be ok, but...". "I'm long and hope the best, but...".

BTW: only people who are writing on stockboards for a living always use the incredible stupid phrase of "just my own opinion", because in a lawsuit their postings could become dangerous to them, because of their intention not writing their opinion, but writing what is good for the company they are worlking for.

Everybody else, who is posting as an individual private person, does not need this kind of protection, because it's obvious that a private person is posting it's personal opinion.

You may deceive others, but not me.