this board to call me a "basher"....It couldn't be further from the truth...I have followed this company from day one and i have always maintained the company has very strong fundamentals and then along came the merger which made the fundamentals musc more stronger and perhaps worthy of a multi dollar share price vauation...circa August 2010 the Dow was at around 10,000 and today it crossed 14,000...Tsx was circa a bit above 11,000 and today its at circa 12,750....Gold was around 1200 and today its around 1669....the share price in 2010 was around 1.20 to 2.40 range (after the reverse prices) i have every right to wonder why is it in the face of so many improving situations such as the economy, gold, structure,share buy back, insider buying, etc etc etc the share price and the warrant price has been decimated? asking questions of substance is not bashing.....this is all my own opinion and i urge you all to do your own due diligence as i have been wrong on many occasions and i could very easily be wrong this time as well