Agreed!  Unfortunately the company's management appear to be getting desperate.  They have tried mass media paid advertising, numerous paid consultants and lobbyists and now are twisting the invalidated referendum results to suit the company's purposes.  After spending $500 million of investors money (the company's estimate), one might think the message would be clear...the permits will most likely not be granted.  Maybe it is time to take what funds are left in the bank, and get a concession in a more accomodating jurisdiction.  At least that might generate some cash.  In the interim, wind down the functions in Romania, and await the new governments decision.  Why keep spending money in Romania or on Rosia Montana? All of the advertising, lobbying, consulting and reliance on local management's efforts has not paid any dividends.  Sure the EIA restarted, but, what concessions were required to make that happen? The MD&A indicates that the company agreed to suspend or end lawsuits against an earlier Environment Minister, were these events linked?  Was the company lulled into a false sense of security so that it would continue to spend millions in the country, but, receive nothing in return, or has the company been the victim of its own blind ambition?  In the end it is us shareholders and the local townspeople who have lost and with no end in sight!