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Fortis Inc T.FTS

Sector: Utilities | Sub-Sector: Utilities - Regulated Electric

Fortis, Inc., is an investor-owned distribution utility in Canada, serving more than 2.4 million gas and electricity customers.
Price: $31.94 | Change: +$0.01 | % Change: +0.03%
Volume: 491,012 | Day High/Low: 32.15/31.87 | 52 Week High/Low: 35.14/29.51

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How to play the Toronto power market?

I'd like to find a company to tap into this growth, but haven't found one. Any ideas? thanks.  rate and reply
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"IR" stands for "Installment Receipts".  Represents $1.6b in unsecured convertible debentures issued recently.  rate and reply
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Heinzl on FTS

My portfolio clunker: Why I’m hanging on to Fortis stock Add to ... JOHN HEINZL INVESTMENT REPORTER — The Globe and Mail Published Tuesday, Mar. 25 2014, 7:47 PM EDT Last...read more
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Lately FTS.IR has been very active.  e.g. 11.7m shares traded today.  Closed around $33 and change.  Does anyone understand what this instrument is and if it has any bearing on the common stock price?  rate and reply
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Good Day.

A one percentage increase for this tried and true utility is a pretty impressive day. Would love to see $35 by year end, as while the return may be modest, I think the downside is very limited...read more
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RE:RE:Tender for 3M Fortis shares from TRC Capital

dpfor3 - go to Google and type in TRC Capital. You will see a large number of articles on these guys. They generally make money by getting uninformed folks to pledge their shares. Have a look at...read more
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RE:RE:Tender for 3M Fortis shares from TRC Capital

Good for you dpfor3.  That's the Warren Buffet approach to getting rich.  Buy a profitable company with a long history of increasing dividends and put it in your TFSA.  You'll be retired long before...read more
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RE:Tender for 3M Fortis shares from TRC Capital

Why would they do this? I'm a pretty young/new investor, so can someone explain this to me? I have a nice little chunk of Fortis bought at $30.60. This seems on sale to me, but it doesn't really...read more
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Tender for 3M Fortis shares from TRC Capital

I expect most people reading/posting on this board have come acress TRC Capital before. TRC currently have a tender out to Fortis shareholders to buy up to 3M Fortis Common Shares at a discount to...read more
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Fortis Named TopPick on Stockchase on Mar 7

2014-03-07 TOP PICK Michael Sprung Purchased UNS energy.  Expects approval in the next number of months and should close before year end.  Increases footprint for this company. This management has...read more
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Uchuck's Back!!-One Month Later

Whom are you kidding, FTS 'Be-Liebers?" FTS "up" 0.7%, TSX up 5.9%. Geesh. Duh, I give up.  rate and reply
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I hold the both of them.  I see these utilities as a guaranteed source of future income, an income that will grow with time to match or exceed inflation.  Fortis announced a small hike in the dividend...read more
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Hi Guy's, Obviously I still have still have interest in the stock. Just sitting on the sidelines for now, until new acquisitions come on stream. So in the meantime, I shifted my proceeds from sale of...read more
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RE:RE:UNS Energy

On January 30th, Moody's upgraded UNS Energy. For what it's worth, TD Waterhouse has gone from hold to buy and raised their 1 year target to $36.  rate and reply
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RE:UNS Energy

Well bigask has made his decision and I respect that.  I am not sure what the latest positive  news re: the UNS acquisition is that you are alluding to.  But for me the initial news was positive...read more
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UNS Energy

bigask, you may want to reconsider your position. The latest news about the UNS Energy acquisition is positive.  rate and reply
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RE:RE:RE:Note to whodathunkit

Decided to sell Fortis, even though I believe long term it's business model for growth will pan out. However very very long term before good return materializes and know the threat of interest rate...read more
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RE:RE:Note to whodathunkit

Average compound rate of return for Fortis, last 10 years would be 10% including dividend, before tax.  rate and reply
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RE:Note to whodathunkit

The capital portion doubled.  Then add in the dividends.  That works out to be about a 150% gain over 10 years.  I'll take that any day. Get rich quick is a mugs game.  True wealth is accumulated...read more
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Note to whodathunkit

To each his own. Wating ten years to "double your money" with FTP is for very, very patient investors, But I understand the need/desire for Lo Beta stocks.  rate and reply