Sorry about my last post.  This part below was from a CIBC analsyst found in his research report issued on February 19, 2013.  It was not from Chad.



On the Chinese probe:
"We believe this investigation will ultimately prove to be little more than a paper chasing exercise. Ultimately, due to lack of adequate fiber supplies, Chinese pulp mills (whether dissolving mills or kraft paper pulp mills) are high-cost producers – primarily due to fiber costs that are 2x-3x that of North American or South American producers. As well the Chinese viscose staple fiber manufacturing sector is a far more important sector to China (in terms of capital invested and jobs created) than the dissolving wood pulp manufacturing sector. Thus a trade action, such as import duties on dissolving pulp from North America or South America, would do more harm than good to Chinese industry. The time frame for the investigation period on this action is anywhere from 12-18 months. So while this issue could be outstanding for a period of time, we ultimately do not expect it to amount to much."