The Chinese yuan is under pressure to rise.It is possible by 2015 that the currency becomes free floating which will mean it will rise expotentially in value.That means  Arctos ,Nico will become more affordable for investment ,from the east ,as time goes on.  Also ,proportionately high amounts  of  Western  currencies are entering China right now,which means the west believes that China will again take off.The growth has stalled but is readying itself for the next leg.

Arctos and Nico are going to be  sought after and if it takes some time for things to develop  in the east ,so be it. The only thing that can destroy our investment here is impatience  or  management  and I've never thought  of   management as being too worried about the current situation. ,although the share price is  disappointing to all of us.  

It seems we all have to remember that any user/ financiers don't care about the share price .They care about a supply of raw materials for the future.  There is so much more exploration to do on both these developments but that too will require patience.