The biggest and the best undeveloped  coal asset in B.C.  is the one that  has the feasibility study completed . 

Arctos also happens to have  completed a successful pilot project  which has  been distributed to buyers in N.A. ,Europe and Asia.    The rail line that  Groundhog would be hooked into would be  from Arctos ,in other words ,with the permission  of the Arctos owner. Here's some stats


Arctos has 125 MT RESERVES  Groundhog has 0

Arctos has 107MT  measured resource, Groundhog has 0

Arctos has 123MT indicated ,Groundhog has 106MT

Arctos has 359MT inferred,Groundhog has 230MT Arctos will target 2.2 BILLION tonnes, Groundhog 510MT

The Anthracite  at Groundhog  sounds  impressive compared to regular met. coal , but note that it is  described as  "semi-anthracite"

People have got to get a hold of   the fact that assets that are  known  as RESERVES mean  so much more than resources.  Development from a BANKABLE  FEASIBILITY will;

Start with  a Reserve package and as the mine life  gets older use that infrastructure to continuously  change resource numbers to reserves. That's the plan. Groundhog is 5 years and 100 M  away from where Arctos is  today and even  if successful in raising cash ,drilling and going through feasibility and permits  they  would be 20% the size of Arctos. 

Do you know how many untapped coal resources are in the Appalachia ? Doesn't mean much.