Fortune seems to be being priced by Arctos .. the value is known but when met. coal prices are forecasted to be low over the next few months ,the investors tend to leave it and come back another day.Knowing the  extremes of stocks like this ,I think it is a dangerous position  for a long. Selling shares could likely be associated with the very interests that want to buy a lot more. Isn't that exactly what investors ,large or small tend to do ?   Very little insider selling  here .I checked out  a couple over the last year and it was evident that  there was good reason  as well as the fact that the seller still has a monster size position. If your satisfied with the intrinsic value ,hold on or accumulate,imo. 

It amazes me why investors attach a  market value to a coal mine that will not see any action for 2-3 years. They should be looking at what met. coal prices will be then,not now. What are Bismuth and Cobalt going to be going for in 2015 ?    

I believe  Fortune  is one of the most likely  JV or complete buy out companies this year  because large mining outfits  like Teck,Anglo American ,Xstrata and Vale generally tend to   buy deposits like these when investors are  timid. Only the best deposits of any kind should be observed by investors. Feasibility studies ,of which Fortune has 2 ,make the properties  bankable ,therefore interest from large miners is always lurking.