Goad said 2-3 years and that's pretty much  what has been  expected. I question why the company doesn't spend  a few million on drilling Sue-Dianne.  With more gold and silver as well ,it could be a nice addition to NICO.  The Gold can make the Cobalt and the Bismuth  economic in almost any market and that;s really  what will bring in the JV or financing . Cobalt  is needed ,because the Congo is not an assured supplier .Bismuth is  going to take off ,in any economy ..It's simply too useful to disregard .Goad said  NICO has 15% of the World's reserves. 

The great thing about this company is  NICO is  not really the front runner and it is very impressive . How many shares     FD 127 M ?    For 2 world class Deposits.,loaded  with diversity.  Impressive