Steel making coal is looking good for  a spring surge(maybe sooner).   Permits are in the bag,imo.   There is no law that either of the Native organizations can legally stop either of these projects. It's simply better to have them on board.  I'm sure ultimately that's what they want ,as well. 

Cobalt had a great article a couple weeks ago by Mills. Sorry I can't provide it .  The article generally stated the need for new sources of cobalt (out of the ground ),not as a by product of processing copper.  It also stated a safe jurisdiction  would be  a relief.   A huge amount of cobalt is coming fron the Congo ,where dependability is always in question,not to mention the safety of investment. Canada sounds very good and Fortune has 82 million lbs. of reserves. Bismuth  is finding new uses in healthcare and lead replacement  not to mention increasing in paint.

The bottom line is 2 world class deposits could make fortune the stock of the year .A 10 bagger. How about TCK  giving us 1 TCK for 10 Fortune.   Everything we have,they want.   Over 1 million oz's of gold at NICO makes our cobalt and bismuth cash costs  very economical. 2013 is the year.