What if Diamond Mines become uneconomical ?



Ekati,Diavik, and Snap Lake Diamond Mines

The Gahcho Kué Diamond Project

In 2005, the Mackenzie Valley Environmental Impact Review Board (MVEIRB), after an initial environmental assessment, ruled that De Beers applications for a land use permit and water license would require a full Environment Impact Review. De Beers appealed this decision to the NWT Supreme Court, but was denied in April 2007, and the review process began in 2007. Due to economic factors, De Beers delayed filing the required Environment Impact Statement (EIS) to the review board and the review process was suspended in May 2010. De Beers gave notice in November and filed the EIS on December 23, 2010, and after some subsequent revisions to address a few deficiencies, the MVEIRB accepted it on July 26, 2011. Staff sessions began in November, and the panel's decision is expected by July 2013.

The Tåîchô elders need to learn Skype to talk to grandchildren.