Exactly what have the Tlicho done with the land grant?

Is it time to revisit the agreement and see if others could do more.

What rights and benefits related to land, resources and self-government will the Tlicho receive under the Tlicho Agreement?
The Tlichõ will receive approximately 39,000 square kilometres of land in a single block surrounding the four Tlichõ communities of Behcho Ko (Rae-Edzo), Wha Ti (Lac la Martre), Gameti (Rae Lakes) and Wekweti (Snare Lake).
This area of land is approximately half the size of New Brunswick or slightly smaller than the area of Switzerland. On their lands, the Tlicho will own both the surface and mineral (subsurface) resources. In addition to Tlicho lands, the Tlicho will receive approximately $100 million paid over 14 years, and a share of resource royalties from development in the Mackenzie Valley. Under the Agreement's self-government provisions, a Tlicho Government will be able to make laws over a wide range of areas, primarily over Tlicho lands and Tlicho Citizens, and will be actively involved in resource management in Wekeezhii.