When the Bill C-47 is working it might save Fortune Minerals Limited years if it goes to an appeal  !!!

I don’t like the bit below (how long do you think this will take)

The proposed bill prescribes the following overall process:

  • An application is made to the Board by one or both parties to a dispute
  • A panel of the Board conducts a hearing
  • Terms and conditions of access are determined and appropriate compensation is set
  • The Board makes an access order setting out the terms and conditions and the compensation payable

I like the bit below

The Northwest Territories Surface Rights Board would have the power to:

  • Render binding decisions (access orders) on settlement and non-settlement lands
  • Grant access orders setting out the terms and conditions by which the access can be exercised
  • Determine the compensation to be paid in respect to that access
  • Determine compensation for unforeseen damage resulting from access
  • Periodically review any access order (terms and conditions and compensation)
  • Terminate access orders
  • Award costs