Obvious value  deserves a good measured investment despite the small negatives. Yes ,there is a native issue  and yes  both projects are remote. I read an analyst that complained of the long drive from NICO to the processing facility in Saskatchewan. A bad argument. I know of a  couple silver /gold miners that  merged in order to take advantage of similar circumstances ,only they presented it as a positive.(empty highways are not  problematic for mining companies)

The Saskatchewan processing plant  is a refiner of sorts. It's not a mill.That will be on the mine site. Selling bismuth,copper,gold and cobalt products in end user ready products is something that is becoming very popular. with all minerals. Near NICO, is another exploration  play (Sue-Dianne ) that has huge potential for gold'silver/copper.   Who knows how many more deposits might be on native lands and after establishing a solid relationship with them ,.Fortune could  develop a very opportunistic long term experience better than any newcomer to the area. If you believe the earth is warming and these lands will become more hospitable to all sorts of developments then Fortune is again looking better.