Orko's La Preciosa likely has 33M oz when you throw in the inferred category plus significant further exploration upside as they've only scratched the surface in exploring this property. OK was thwarted in getting more resource count as when they did the jv with PAAS in control there was absolutely no exploration drilling done for past 12-18 months....just PAAS way of keeping the lid on to effect a future cheap buyout. Then they bailed on Orko to buy property in Argentina....big mistake as nothing but political suicide there.

FR needs to keep in mind the Carina project that PAAS picked up during that jv period with Orko. The Carina property is adjacent/contiguous to La Preciosa's southern flank. A reasonable guess is that La Preciosa's mineral wealth extends in that direction. FR should consider making an offer for Carina as proximity works for FR but not for PAAS now that they're out of Orko. Could this be the catalyst to make for a great bundling of resources? Worth a look anyway.

True Orko value at this early point in time IMHO has always been north of $4 and closer to $5 so current offers are a steal. It'll be interesting to see what next week brings.