Ponder this......why again did KN go through with the forward sale......to lessen shareholder dilution. On what though, Del torro? Further work on the Silvermex properties, or a long shot may be having additional cash on hand in case they needed to sweeten thier original offer

currently FM has over 100 million on hand. It is certainly a possibility that they would use some of that, to increase thier cash part offer on Orko, even though the risk of capital becomes a greater concern unless silver prices rise into the mid 30's. Just speculation on my part. There is also the possibility of using debt as well to finance the deal, in addition to more cash.

I feel KN will go after this asset, despite using the cash , I just hope additional dilution is limited.  KN knows dilution is a concern of shareholders, so let us watch this develop in the days ahead.  

i am not so sure there is a plan B in place of losing Orko Silver.