mantosman, you make some excellent points and some mistakes imo.


First off any concerns you have regarding FR operations you should ask only one person and that is Todd at investor relations.....not here at SH


I hold Dan Norcini in very high regard as a pro trader, Dan has mentioned many times for about 2years now that the markets are broken, they are highly manipulated circus's.......silver action this week is sending a completely different message to Dan than just a week ago as he said last week something has changed in the Silver was a bullish outlook.


Now I'm not belittling Dan in anyway, my point is when you have a seasoned pro like Dan making complete flip-flop calls that tells you just have F'D up these markets are......any wonder why the average retail investor is in full panic, selling instead of slowly buying more.....heck the pro's are having their opinions tossed back at them.


Dan's not calling the end of the silverngold bull market just caution, there is a big difference.


Armstrong is a cycles expert not a momentum trader, BIG difference between him and'd be waiting to buy at much lower levels in gold and NOT get filled using M.A. targets as gold has never washed out hard as he suggest to unfold many times these past few years.


Government data regarding INflation is pure B-S but its the markets outlook for inflation that is the real driver....what Sprott meant regarding inflation being years away was his reference to a huge supply of labour available as that removes wage inflation his comments regarding QE are still the same, no other choice but to print, print, print =INflation


The shorts that are piling on FR and the rest of all the major silver producers today.... applying pain to the share price.....but I'd rather have a huge short position in FR than none as the positive side to the shorts is they have to cover and become buyers!


Welcome to currency wars and owing silver and gold puts us at the frontlines!!!!