From the article, it appears to me Sprott is not as sure as he use to be about inflation, here is part of his commentary.

This combined with Armstrong and Trader dan Norcini's comments were pretty sober news to me. If silver breaks 26.00 it will end uop being a very bad year, even first Majestic will not be able to continue on certain projects as i believe there capex and budget numbers are for 30.00 dollar silver, not to mention they have exposure to silver contracts.

Becoming a little concerned at this time. Folks tend to think that demand will trump paper not so fast. folks seem to think the Fed has lost its ability to continue the fiasco, maybe not. There is a lot at stake and having the metals move up is not in thier best interest. FM made its all time high approaching two years ago.

There has been a lot of bullish news , but metals are moving the opposite direction. My fear is not lower prices , but the inability for Fm to move forward on expansion projects if indeed the lower prices materialze and if silver goes and stays below 25.00. Remember , the slow season starts in may and lasts into August.

At this point not sure what to think. also, every single silver bull on King workd has been proven wrong. Not a big deal but when armstrong , Trader Dan and others start talking about being concerned, it is a very real concern.

Armstrong said this past week, gold need to come down and will resume its really in 2015 to 2022. Where did that come from. 

 Sprott Quote

"As we discussed, the purpose of asset purchases by the Fed might no longer be improvements in the real economy, but rather a more subtle financing of U.S. government deficits. However, in the long run, expanding the money supply inevitably leads to inflationary pressures. Luckily for the Fed and the U.S. government, there is so much slack in the labour market that inflation might be years away. And, if we are right about the long run unemployment rate being structurally higher, then the Fed has all the room it "needs to continue Quantitative Easing (QE) to infinity. This might allow them to continue to hide the true financial position of the government for many years to come.