lakesurfer, I might be an ugly baaastard but I've got the memory of a dozen elephants!!



1) I remember when the top callers in Gold called a $300 top and Jim said its not a factor, ripped past $300 and never looked back

2) $500 Gold was to be the top, again not a factor Jim called $700 as a major ressitance correct as $500 fell and gold was held under $700 for over a year

3) again all the top callers had the old 1980 high as a double top of all tops...Jim's call not a factor as gold paused at that level and the ripped straight to $1000

4) as Gold dove with everything on the planet hitting $680 in Oct 2008 credit meltdown Jim suggested golds next leg up would be into the low $1000's within months gold hit resistance again at $1000 but hit $1200 in Q4-09

5) then the real bubble talk started by everyone who doesn't undersatnd currency values vs gold...nonsense calls Jim as gold hits $1400 in 2010


During all this when Central banks were net sellers of gold Jim called that to end and they would become buyers, everyone laughed!


Back when gold was sub $400 Jim had an open bet with anyone that gold would see $1650 by 2011...the bet was $1mill....NO TAKERS!!


$1650 today still is the major battle zone as again Jim suggested so.