Par, glad to see you aboard. For FR bloggers , PAR was considered one of the most respected ORKO blogger contributors over the past several years. A very astute investor! Par, like you I will be getting a load of FR stock. Yes, I too am a bit dissappointed to see s/p of FR drop but I think once the deal is closed there will be a quick recovery of FR s/p. And once Del Toro gets ramped up things will only get better. Yes, I think LP was picked up on the cheap and it looks like FR will develop it much akin to what PAA had planned but blue  potential on this property is IMHO huge. In my due diligence First Majestic was the best company to take out Orko. Not happy with the price we got but happy it was FR. At $22.72 the implied value of Orko is $2.72. For every $5.00 inncrease in FR stock the implied value of Orko increases 60 cents. I plan to hold most of my FR stock for the long term as I believe silver/gold will do well in the coming months/years. Cheers and lets hope FR gets to $40.00 this year!