oldfx1, I agree and think there'll be continued resistance by the establishment to have gold and silver bullion appreciate in value but they can't keep their finger in the dyke indefinitely and I'm patient enough to hold longer term. The gold & silver stock mutual funds will likely continue to be manipulated given they have a lot of juniors included in the mix. Black box HFT kills the stocks. FR is different in that it is a producer with several mines pushing out silver. As an Orko holder I can tell you this: La preciosa has only a small portion (maybe 15%) of its property explored with the drill bit and potential there is quite significant. IMO the true value was held back when PAAS had jv control and no exploration was done in over a year or more....a way of keeping the lid on. This should bring further riches to FR, presuming the deal proceeds.

Sprott has a bullion fund that holds only bullion....no paper and that's where I place my money and no home run perhaps but probably a good return over next several years and a relatively safe place to hold as who knows what the $ will be worth in the future. James Rickards put out a book a year ago called "currency wars" which is an interesting read for anyone but probably more so given your currency trader background. We'll see how 2013 unfolds but hoping Sprott is even half right on silver bullion upside.