I've followed Sprott and owned his various funds over the years and they've all done well over past 10 years except past 2 years which has been horible for just about everything.Two years ago his PM fund had 74% increase and year prior was 113%. PM's have been beaten up in past few years since then but not because of G&S bullion price which continues to rise year over year. The boyz can "manage" share price but not bullion long term. The other thing to note about Eric Sprott (and his main company associates) is placing his own money in the products he advocates....lately that's bullion.

The logic is clear that all fiat currencies continue to weaken and this makes both gold and silver a safe bet. The fact that the manipulation of both bullion and stocks continues as this helps make US$ appear to be less frail. Sprott sees silver as the investment of the decade going forward and as always he speaks with his own wallet. Ten years ago he was a mult-millionaire; today he's a billionaire. He likes silver and he likes First Majestic...enough said IMHO. Thanks oldfx1 for the link....very informative.