Hi gang! I am a large investor in Orko and I guess soon to be shareholder in First Majestic. Been with Orko since 2006. It has been a hectic ride to say the least! I know Orko management very well and have kept in close contact since they made the large discovery of the Marther vein within La Preciosa. If you speak with most Orko investors today they would say we gave the company away. Most were expecting at least $3.50-4.00 buyout. A PEA was suppose to come out in February but with this deal it may not happen. La Preciosa is only part of the news story. PAA did NOT fulfill its obligatory drilling to produce a FS on time. Had they done so and produced a FS the deposit could well be close to 300mm. There is a large land mass within Orko's possession and IMHO much more silver ( and gold!) and in time this deposit will expand to over 350mm as a conservative estimate. There were 8 confidential agreements signed with Orko immediately following the date  PAA gave back the property. For sure PAA wanted Orko but they spent there brains out to acquire Navidad and had just bought Mindfinders in Mexico and with a share price falling like a knife they could not afford to buy out Orko and had no choice but to give the project back. In my mind FR was at the top of the list to acquire Orko but Hothschild was close behind. But given the tax friendly aspect of this deal vs a foreign based company tax treatment made this a more friendly deal. FR has a great profile and a huge upside with the number of mines it has coming on stream. La Preciosa will only add to the future production. Yes it will take a lot of cap-ex to bring it onstream but they can do it in stages ie get the rich ore first and then stage the rest thru open pit. Meanwhile the exploration potential on Orko lands as mentioned is huge. Also I think this gives FR a solid footing and really no need to go after other acquisitions for some time. Just continue focusing on development of what they have. I also happen to think the price of silver will hit $40.00 before it hits $30.00 . FR share price is taking a hit today but I think once the air clears and the deal gets finalized the market will re-rate First Majestic. I know some may not agree, but I think the future for First Majestic just got alot brighter. Glad to be a partner! Cheers.