The flocking to the US$ you suggest is not by choice but liquidity driven.....your a global hedge fund you can get US$'s at near 0% (instant leverage) while you liquidate your portfolio as we've seen since the election all those equity positions revert back to their cash position held in US$'s......the Bearnank is trying to get money on the sidelines penalized at .25 % interest returns to invest...........I see this am Soro's is buying more gold some sell equities and park in US cash other sell equities and buy GOLD

Sprott has alot of little investors angry because they pile in late to his advice, don't sell and get killed....Uranium is a great example Eric suggested the sector at $7lb U308 increased to $130lb+ then collapsed....his advice is free at his web-site

He suggested buying Silver just under $25 telling his "free" readers he see's a double in 6 took 5 months as Silver hit $49+....the sheeple I'm sure piled in late and never sold.....all Eric's fault

Sprott has huge nads, mind you I'd be a very agressive investor if I was worth a fav story about Eric is the last tonage of gold the central banks had for sale years ago he called the IMF and told them he'd buy it all !!....sorry we only sell to other central banks.....China bought it

FR leading the pack again this am................