Well with a currency background I know there are times when the worlds true reserve currency will be bought vs those that mine the gold.

As we know the Bank of China is backing away from buying US treasuries if fact they no longer buy from the primary US dealers only directly from the US feds and they know their weighting in gold needs to increase big time vs their paper currency reserves.

Miners come with lots of issues from over promoting reserves or production and all the other side effects, energy. location, useless management etc.

First Majestic is run by imo the best in the business Keith Neumeyer, never over promotes...he has created a great street/pro following....Eric Sprott doesn't have FR as his #1 pick for no reason!!

There are times when the miners will ride bullion higher and times when the general equity markets will be flat to negative.....its why stocks should be traded....I'm too old to buynhold the emotional roller coaster ride to He!! and back...............

The same anti-bullion banks that are short big time silver are also short the miners when they turn the HUI will be allowed to make new highs because they are long aswell.....I don't fight the anti-pm's banksters I play their game and trade, just as I bought FR last Thurs @ $21.57 and again Fri @ $20.57....thanks!! Banksters, lol

Their BS game is sooooo old even a 1 eyed monkey can see it unfolding, again and again and again.......