Ackerman is a tic expert, if your a day flipper Rick's your man...but I've never met anyone in 32 years who can see it all as your either an expert daily tic caller a short term nailer or one who couldn't tell what will happen in 5 min but correctly calls the trend....Jim Sinclair is the best regarding trends, period!

So depending on how one trades/invests we all have our fav's.....I've read David's EW work and although he'll miss a bottom call in gold by $60 or a top by $40 his trend calls are spot on....I don't trade my silver gold bullion ever!

Imo what the majority of investors have not figured out yet is 90% of advisors have NO CLUE!!.....its amazing how many of these planks get paid every two weeks for no value. Bay St is a template with no thought....whats your home address, your weight, your shoe size, divide by todays's your portfolio setup, lol!.. diversification is another $100gs lets put 10gs in each of 10 sectors....I'd rather follow Sprott's approach invest in momentum

Your spot on as your typical BNN interview never goes like this: here is Mr. XYZ he has incorrectly called golds trend for 12 years now but lets get his outlook really is that pathetic!!!!!!!!!!!

We as investors need to create a Excel sheet with calls from Mr XYZ and as they continue to miss remove from the list....I did it 12 years ago and I follow 6 with only Sinclair's site as the only daily advice I wouldn't go without.

FR is again looking like the momentum leader off the recent bottom as I compare it to the silver sector standard SLW and the % gain in silver bullion....why own FR if % gains in silver bullion outperform?? silver is up 2.25% (need a $33.00 + close) yet FR is up 4.25% (big grin)