Just finished hearing Dan Norcini's Weekly Metals Wrap at www.kingworldnews.com

Dan is a pro chart trader and his insight is always very grounded never a "pump"

Silver support @ $32.00 if that level falls $31.00 comes into play

Resistance which needs to be taken out (with a close) is $33.00 .... $34.00..... and the area where The Battle Royal Hold the LIne breakout is in play $35.00...=..$1800 Gold

FR's support is @ $20.25 resistance to the topside is $21.62....$22.92....$23.74

On a positive note the last time silver was $32.25 (early Sept) before breaking higher to test $35.00 FR was trading at only $20.00....yes we gave up ground last week BUT we did NOT lose all our ground....thats Bullish!