Anyone who's been invested in the precious metals market longer than a week is not asking any questions as to whats going on...........hello!! we've seen this a Zillion times in the past 12 years and will see it a Zillion more times...all that matters is when you pull up a long term chart of FR, SLW, Gold, Silver the trend is from the lower left corner of the page to the upper right corner of the page....its that simple.

And if that doesn't work for ya, how about: More Sellers than Buyers and when FR is $25+ and Silver $40+ along with Gold $1800+ its very simple: More Buyers than Sellers

And if you need your hand held while owning a long position in pm's than a daily read will have you buying the dips its worked for me over the last 9 years.

And if that doesn't work for ya, well your invested in the wrong sector, try a nice GIC..........(BIG Grin)